Our History

The DIY Hardware was established 40 years ago in 1974 in Cape Town by Mr & Mrs Rietveld. They had arrived in South Africa from Netherlands 10 years earlier, as newlyweds, with a zest to start a new life. After purchasing a small holding in Potsdam (Tableview) they started producing cabinets, window frames and other custom made items. Mr Rietveld was a third generation joiner, so it came as no surprise that their business grew from a small concern started in an old converted bus,  into large scale production in very little time.

In the early years of their business, their focus was purely on the production of orders and any offcuts were discarded. Once a week, neighbours and customers could sift through the offcuts to find pieces necessary for their own DIY projects.  With the increase of non-paying customers arriving to collect offcuts, Mrs Rietveld saw the need for offcuts to be available on a more regular basis.

This was the beginning of the DIY Hardware.  She found small premises at 39 Koeberg Road, Brooklyn from which they could trade.  Offcuts were now available every day and with these came the need for glue, nails and other various hardware items. The DIY customer could now find all their requirements under one roof.

Customers ordered wood to be cut to size and people would queue on a Saturday morning for this service. More space was required and they increased the size of the shop gradually until eventually they purchased the building.

The DIY Hardware is now a flourishing business and has recently purchased the building next to it for further expansion. It has grown into a hardware store that is a major supplier to the DIY customer, the handyman, the tradesman and many contractors.

It is now owned by the Rietvelds daughter Jackie, her spouse Jacques and a long standing staff member Patrick. The core focus is to maintain the excellent service ethos that the Rietvelds began which made the shop so popular. It has remained an old fashion style hardware store were one always  feels welcome and at home. Amongst the bits and bobs you are sure to find all your hardware requirement and discover that your DIY needs have already been anticipated by this happy establishment.

At DIY Hardware we are committed to giving customers a personalised service and advice for the next 40 years to come.